Amazon Glacier

I was trilled to see the price for it, as my media storage at home is susceptible to single zone catastrophic failure, thus said – house burns, or someone steals everything that looks electronic.

But wait. No opensource client for Amazon Glacier? WAT?

I have a new .NET project it seems.

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  • Jan

    No open source clients? There are plenty already, here is a list:

    • dreamins

      Many thanks for links, they are pretty neat. However I guess I did not really make it clear in my post that  I was talking about windows UI version. AWS examples are pretty much trivial OS command-line clients by themselves and as far as I see boto is already catching up on command-line client. 

      Thus said – if you guys are working on a UI I’ll be happy to check it out.

      • Jan

        Snowpack – – is an opensource GUI client made in C# which will run in Mono. Feel free to contribute to it.

        • dreamins

          Thanks. I’ll take a look. Will contribute if I like it.