Amazon Glacier Uploader

Despite the fact that there are other clients, as pointed out in one of my previous posts, I was still a bit itchy to write my own one. After all WPF is a hardware rendered awesomeness. Even if it doesn’t run under linux, it is still awesome. And who needs UI for Linux anyway? Mac – meh…

Anyway today I’ve pushed first version of uploader that could actually do something. Although I won’t recommend using it, as it spawns one thread per upload and will effectively reduce your machine to a load test of Windows’ scheduler. Planning to make it workable may be tomorrow, or on Thanksgiving (thanks for holiday).

IceAge development branch on GitHub

IceAge is the name as you might have guessed. Some nice screenshots

If you happen to clone and build it you’ll be welcome with Options screen that needs to be set up
Iceage options

then AWS options. BTW validation in WPF is hillarious, I really liked binding the validator and automatic styles, type something in region!
AWS options

Click add and add some! Sync! (other doesn’t work sorry)
IceAge uploading

IceAge main

Notice “lightspeed” means “not uploaded, as it is already there perhaps”. Also estimations screen (although this is not really what Amazon will charge anyways, but will give you an idea)

About screen is not that interesting yet
IceAge about

P.S. If I get at least one comment on this I might get more incentives to do it faster 🙂

Be safe, drive safe, keep your stuff on more than one hard drive, keep your hard drives in different physical locations. Or just use Glacier. Bye!

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